Farmers Market Opens in Christopher Lake


Christopher Lake
53° 32' 23.424" N, 105° 47' 33.2448" W

Photos and words by Serina Gesner

Saturday May the 16th marked the first Farmers Market of the year in the Village of Christopher Lake. Hours of operation are from 8 am to 12 noon. You can visit the Market every Saturday morning until the long weekend in September.

The Farmers Market is located in the Sportsplex/Elementary School parking lot, the same location as it has been in previous years.  Rain or shine, there will be plenty of goodies for you and your family to enjoy!

Upon my arrival at the Farmers Market, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and variety of garden plants available this early in the season. All in superb shape and locally grown, I came across some plants that I had never seen at the local green houses before, so I had to take some home! Apart from the lush greenery available, there were plenty of other goods to consider before moving on. This includes a great selection of fresh homemade baking, local honey, homemade perogies, and much more as the season progresses.


After taking my tour around the tables, I made my way into the Sportsplex to attend the pancake breakfast going on simultaneously from 8-11am. Fluffy pancakes, breakfast sausage, coffee and other refreshments awaited me to compliment the presentation given by the Lakeland Curling Club outlining the renovations they have been actively fund raising for. Keep an eye out for other events and fun ways to support the Curling Club on their quest throughout the season.



Be sure to shop local, get up early on Saturday mornings and visit the vendors at the Farmers Market in the Village of Christopher Lake.