About Our Wilderness Areas

Under big open skies

The Waskesiu Wilderness Region encompasses the very important transition area between the Aspen Parkland and the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan. Our area includes three biomes: fescue grassland, aspen stands and mixed-wood boreal forest. This diversity in habitat leads to an abundance of plants and animals in the area. The grasslands are home to the fully protected white pelican nesting colony in Canada and free-ranging plains bison still on their natural range.

With literally too many to name, the lakes, rivers, streams and marshes of the area are of utmost importance. They provide endless recreational opportunities, support vital ecological communities and they inspire us to enjoy the simple things in life, like watching the sun set. We are graced with so much fresh water and like the First Nations people and voyageurs before us, we revere this outstanding natural resource.

Established in 1928, Prince Albert National Park is part of a system of national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites that is recognized as one of the finest and most extensive systems of protected areas in the world.

Our area in central Saskatchewan includes: