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Canadian Signature Experience

Choose from a three to five hour guided ride, or multi-day rides through the boreal forest with Sturgeon River Ranch. Take in the sights, smell and sounds of Prince Albert National Park as you trot through dense forest, open meadows and alongside river views.

This isn’t only a trail ride. It’s also a keen opportunity via horseback to spot wildlife such as Canada’s only remaining free range prairie bison that still roam their native landscape. Guests often report back with sightings of bison, bears, foxes, sandhill cranes and more.

This excursion includes a packed trail lunch along with some great company.

If a half-day trip isn’t enough, you can extend your stay with an exciting overnight outback trip. Stay in a comfortable tipi under the stars, fully equipped with cots, toasty sleeping bags, and even a little wood stove, should you need to keep the chill off. These tipis are the perfect end to a day of riding.

Customized itineraries are available upon request.

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