District of Lakeland #521

Box 27
Christopher Lake
S0J 0N0
(306) 982-2010

The District of Lakeland #521 is located just 30 minutes North of Prince Albert. Take Highway #2 North, then turn at Provincial Highway #263

Located in the heart of Saskatchewan lake country, the District of Lakeland #521 serves the residents in and around Emma, Christopher, Anglin, and McPhee Lakes. The municipality is only 15 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long, beginning at Christopher Lake and extending north to Timber Cove. The District of Lakeland #521 is located just 30 minutes North of Prince Albert. Take Highway #2 North, then turn at Provincial Highway #263

The western boundary is shared with Prince Albert National Park. It is a rural municipality in name only as the boundaries do not include any arable acres. It includes a collection of resort areas that surround the above mentioned lakes, as well as Elk Ridge Resort.

There were 915 residents, and 2,134 dwelling units in the District of Lakeland, according to the 2016 census. In the summer we estimate that our population peaks between 20 and 30 thousand people when campers are included.

Community organizations that operate in the District of Lakeland #521 include:

-Lakeland Rec Board:The Lakeland Recreation Board is formed with members appointed by the Village of Christopher Lake and the District of Lakeland. The Board's duties have been to act on behalf of the Village and District in matters related to sports, recreation and culture. In general terms, it is a disseminator of information and a clearing house for grant programs. The Board handles the distribution of the Community Grant Program funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sports, Culture, and Recreation, with the deadline for applications in June of each year. Some of the projects funded through this program have been swimming lessons, hall rental for seniors, toys and supplies for preschool programs, library activities, playground equipment, snowmobile safety courses and trail signs, curling activities and numerous other projects.

-Christopher Lake Association:The ECLA works for and on behalf of our members throughout the year in a number of ways

-CPL Recreation: CPL Recreation is a partnership of three communities: Village of Christopher Lake, District of  Lakeland, and R.M. of Paddockwood. The CPL Committee consists of up to six voting members, with the member municipalities each appointing up to two representatives, with responsibility for oversight of CPL Recreation plans, programs, services, and finances, and the hiring and duties of the recreation director.

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