Sundogs Excursions: Dogsledding

Box 212
Anglin Lake
S0J 2Y0
(306) 960-1654

Sundogs provides guided excursions with teams of energetic huskies ranging from 1 hour, to half-day to overnight.  To help guests make the most of their ‘mushing,’ every excursion begins with familiarization to the dogs, sled and equipment.

Visitors learn how to harness and bootie a sled dog, learn about the parts of the sled like the brushbow, stanchions and snowhook, and finally how to hook up the dogs and ride the sled.

Every sled is driven by a Sundogs guide. You ride the sled in a wind-proof sled bag and are provided insulated seat cushions and a quilted, sleeping bag-type comforter. Guests usually ride two-per-sled but arrangements can be made for solo rides.

On half-day and longer trips, guests have the chance to drive the team while being coached by the guide. With a stop at our backcountry camp for a hot lunch, we then hook up the dogs and mush home.

No experience is necessary.