Beautiful day, Beautiful people-ski timber ridge

It’s was sunny and warm afternoon, as people flocked to Ski Timber Ridge to get in on some slope action. My little sister and I had just arrived and had are game on to devour some food! Sure enough they had some cheese burgers and man that really hit the spot. On a full but to bloated stomach I prepared to snowboard. Of course my little sister was already flying out the door like there’s no tomorrow. As I’m getting my boots on the atmosphere is very friendly and open, this kid who we are going to call “Pedro” became my little compadre. So Pedro was just peppering me with question like, it’s that your board? Do you like tying laces? I’ve been out like 10 times how many times have you been out? Are you good? Do you like my board? Man was it ever hectic. So I just has to close the deal and ask him were his buddies were and he was like “well I like going with big kids better” I just laughed and let him tail me for a while. So after a few hours of fun in the snow, I decided to retire to the lodge and visit with some friends, sipping on hot coffee! I even had enough time to pull my 30′ tape measure around the place and arrange a floor plan for Tunes At Timber Ridge concerts coming up in April! Overall if your looking for quality family time, or a classic ski hill experience there’s a place called Ski Timber Ridge and they’d sure be happy to have you. I’m going back today to volunteer my time because I want to support the local ski community. There is so much potential with this place, come on out and tell me what I as a board member could do to make this place better for you and better for me. See you there!

Dustin Davidson

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