Catching a Fish was not the main intention of going

By Serina Gesner

Fishing is an age old survival tactic that people have made great use of since the beginning of human kind. It used to be that a successful fishing excursion was the difference between a huge feast and a hungry night. While a fish fry consisting of the days fresh catch is definitely something to drool over, we no longer depend on it for our survival. Fishing is now viewed as a relaxing and leisurely activity that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Luckily there is plenty of opportunity and means for a wonderful fishing trip right here in the Lakeland.

I myself do not own a fishing boat with a motor, and some of the best spots are found easier with the help of a propeller, remember we are trying to be leisurely here haha. Lucky for me and many others, the Jacobsen Bay Store & Marina is here to set us out with the right wake. The marina is on the south side of Anglin Lake just a few kilometers off of Hwy#2 . From there we rented a nice little motor boat at a very affordable rate of $20 per hour. They also have a selection of canoes and kayaks available for an hourly rate of $10 per hour or a 24hour rental rate for each. Not only do they rent out water craft, but there are lovely cabins available for rent, housing up to 9 people in some. Sounds like some fine ingredients for an epic weekend at the lake to me!

After we got our rental paid for and a temporary boating license filled out (available at the store), we grabbed coffee and munchies and headed out on the beautiful lake to start our adventure. We brought our own fishing rods and equipment, but I had noticed that there was indeed a rod and lures available for purchase at the store. Life jackets and a water safety kit were provided to us, just in case.

We set out from the marina early and spent a nice day out on the lake. We got a few bites and nibbles, though in all honesty catching fish was not our main intention in going. We lounged on the boat enjoying the precious scenery, returning only when we could feel the sun begin to redden our skin. It was also a good reminder that it was time for something to eat! One reason we didn’t keep any of the fish we caught was because we had plans to make the short jaunt up to Waskesiu for a late lunch. After we returned our rental we did just that, it was a delicious way to end a beautiful day.

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