Don’t let construction get in your way of summer plans

Alternate Routes to Kingsmere Lake
Article by: Alex Barker
Come one, come all! Step right up and see the dazzling beauty of the boreal forest that surrounds you!
With another great season comes another couple of changes, one being the restricted access to Kingsmere Lake. However, fishermen and paddlers don’t fret, there are other options of gaining access to Kingsmere other than the road.
To get to Kingsmere Lake, you’ll have to access it from the Kingsmere River. If you’re interested in taking your boat or personal paddle craft, launching from the narrows is your best option. Keep in mind that the Kingsmere River is non-motorized, which means you’ll need to trim your motor and row, row, row your boat gently down that stream- but think about the experience you’ll have once you get to the portage!
For those who wish to gain access to the Bagwa – Lily canoe route, same goes to you! Launching at the Narrows and paddling to the Kingsmere River will get you where you need to go. Whoever dares to brave the extra 8.5 kilometers, bring enough snacks for the multi-day canoe route AND the extra 2-5 hours it takes to paddle there. Don’t forget to register at the Visitors Centre in town for a backcountry camping permit as well!
For those who wish to hike the Grey Owl Trail, the Waskesiu Marina Adventure Centre offers a West End shuttle. The price is a flat rate (which includes both the drop-off and the pick-up) and, as you’ve likely guessed, the drop off is it at the West End picnic site, as is the pick-up. Just let them know a date and time you’d like to go home and they’ll be there to greet you!
Lastly, if none of these options seem suitable to you, there are other options for your fishing, paddling or backcountry needs. Crean Lake offers great fishing, it has an amazing view for paddlers and also is home to four backcountry camping sites. Those include Crean Kitchen, Chippewan Portage, Moose Bay and Big Island. The paddle itself would be the perfect option for those who wished to do the Bagwa- Lily. The Waskesiu Marina Adventure Centre has a marina at the Heart Lakes as well, so rest assured if you don’t have your own paddle craft. The Crean Big Island Shuttle is also offered for those who don’t wish to paddle. Much like the West End shuttle, it includes drop-off and pick-up and the price also has a flat rate.
Don’t let construction get in the way of your summer plans. Plan accordingly and have fun!
Visit the marina site at for details.

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