Family time suddenly got a lot more Interesting

Serina Gesner

Often when someone shuffles inside trying to shake off the winters persistent chill with a stomp of the boots, the traditional greeting of “hello” is replaced by one more along the lines of “Brrrr, it’s cold out there!”. Now that we finally have a bit more snow along with the cold, the “Brr”s can turn into some brap Brap BRAP’s! Snowmobiling is undeniably one of the most adored methods of winter recreation in Saskatchewan, and for good reason. Going out on sleds gives you the opportunity to see the Lakeland from a perspective that you just can’t achieve on traditional roadways. You can experience the beautiful lakes and forests in a way that’s very different than what most people are used to. Sleds give you the ability to go places you otherwise would never have been able to see in the winter, but really it’s more than where you’re going, it’s who’s going with you that’s important. Many parents have turned bringing out the sleds into a family ordeal! “Family time” suddenly got a lot more interesting!

Family memberships for the Lakeland Snowmobile Club are only $25. If you have any appreciation for a well-groomed trail then it is definitely worth it for you to join and show your support, as the club maintains 374km of groomed trails in Lakeland area north of Prince Albert. This includes a portion of the trans-Canada trail! The Snowmobile Club also maintains 7 warmup shelters throughout the Lakeland area, with more to come! These shelters are always stocked with firewood and an ax, and they are all equipped with solar powered lights as well. This organization is comprised entirely of volunteers, the most dedicated members contributing much of their own time and funds to give you the best riding experience they can! For one thing, the recently purchased groomer cost the club $152, 000! So be sure to look out for any fundraising opportunities to support the Lakeland Snowmobile Club and show your appreciation for this big purchase!

A couple events you should be marking on your calendars are the Annual Vintage Snowmobile Races and Ice Ovals taking place on Christopher Lake, just west of the village. The races with be on Saturday March the 12th, and the Ice Ovals are set for the next day on Sunday the 13th. Even if you’re not interested in being directly involved in the events, the weekend draws a great many spectators to share in the excitement and have some fun outside. Get the kids dressed in layers, mitts and toques to come down and spend the day out with friends and family gathered around these lively machines and see who pulls ahead in the competitions this year!

The Lakeland Snowmobile club is associated with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, and in fact will be hosting the 2017 Provincial Snowmobile Festival right here in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region. How exciting is that! The festival is a weekend event that draws hundreds of people from all over the province to celebrate this common purpose. I can only imagine what 300-400 snowmobilers gathered in one place might look like, I suppose I’ll be finding out for myself next year! Until then, be safe and lots of fun this wonderful winter season.

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