Gone are the days of hooking up the camper

If you want the comfort of home combined with the experience of camping, then look no further. The Yurt is your answer to a comfortable home away from home. The really cool thing I liked most about packing for my adventure was the fact that there was little to pack. Gone are the days of hooking up the camper or packing my tent and loading up supplies. All I needed to bring was my clothing and some groceries.

I was surprised to discover the Yurt was circular. A large king size bed awaited my night’s sleep and there was a pull out couch to accommodate my guests. A small kitchenette and a table to match the size was perfect and comfortable.

The linens smelled freshly washed but also had a hint of that camping smell. The smell was familiar to me but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Unpacking was easy and I felt comfortable, safe and secure in my glorified tent. I looked around at the simple yet country décor and thought to myself this is a wonderful place to be.

Hiking trails and a trip to the sandy beach consumed my afternoon, which was complemented by a great book.

I was lucky enough to experience my first night in a Yurt during the Meteor show in August this year. The Northern skies of Saskatchewan lit up like I have never seen before. I was in perfect awe in the middle of nature experiencing my first stress free camping trip with the stars falling and shooting above my head. At one point the night sky danced for me. I was sure it was for me and only me as I was connecting with nature in a way that I have never done before.

I was alone, the night was extremely quiet but I am sure the heavens were playing music in the sky.

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