It feels like you’re walking in a giant painting

I recently moved to Saskatchewan from Alberta for work. I was pretty huge into camping back in Alberta, and I thought it wouldn’t be as good here – boy was I ever wrong! You don’t get camping like this anywhere in the mountains. You can hike significantly longer and more difficult trail, thanks to the easy elevation change. You often get discouraged hiking in the mountains because of how tired you get. In Waskesiu, we were doing huge day hikes and feeling amazing after them! There’s no greater feeling than going on Google Earth after your hike and checking how far you walked that day! It feels like you’re walking in a giant painting, with all the open skies and rolling fields!

The other great part is that it doesn’t have to be a huge, impressive hike. I have lots of friends that come on hikes with me, but aren’t as experienced as me. There are truly hikes for every experience level in Waskesiu. There is also a giant (obvious) lake you get to camp right next to! There are little beaches along the side of the lake and it made us feel like we had our own private beach! It was a great feeling to come back from a long day hike, throw off the boots, grab some swimsuits and a towel, and stroll over to our little beach. Our camping neighbours were super friendly and offered us leftover food almost every night! I can’t wait to get back out and do more hiking!

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