I was there, you should have been too!

This year’s Country at the Creek Music Festival was the 5th annual event held at the Ness Creek’s site in Big River.

A great turn out for this year’s music fest. A lot of people, a lot of food, activities for children and beer gardens for the adults. An amazing addition to the festival this year was the mechanical bull! This was the first time the Country at the Creek music festival had this and yes I had to try it a few times.
So many things to do at Country at the Creek. The first is to find a great camping spot for your camper or tent. Next head out to the main area and check out all the cool activities they have going on from clothing stores, to merchandise you can buy, all while listening to great country music on the main stage. It’s so nice to see children playing – future Nessers in the making.
And sometimes you get to meet the band! The local artists who come from all over Saskatchewan and even as far as Ontario, Canada you get the chance to meet and hangout and talk with them! Their all so friendly and just want everyone to have a good time.
One thing I was truly amazed at was the “Canadian Candle.” I love the smell of a campfire but this fire is inside a tall tree stump. Hot coals are set in the top of the stump and it burns all the way down to the bottom. Pictures are in this blog.
Another fun thing to do is people watch! Seeing everyone enjoying their stay and having a good time from little kids to grandma and grandpa two stepping on the dance floor. A party for everyone! This is definitely a great way to connect with nature in Saskatchewan with the whole family with great live music and dance.
I got to stay in a great cabin in the “Hollows.” Located just near the main event area, this cabin comes with bedding, comfortable bunk beds, fire pit and a picnic table. The trees stand tall and I had the opportunity to connect with nature in the middle of the Boreal Forest. I just love this job!!!!

– Yours truly, Waskawanderer

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