It could very well have been where I first shot a pellet gun.

When most people hear the words “Turkey Shoot” their first reaction is usually something like; “Whaa.. you go and shoot turkeys??”. No. We may live in the bush but we aren’t quite that hillbilly, well, most of us aren’t anyway. Any long time Lakeland resident should be able to tell you what this longstanding local tradition is all about.

Once a year you can make your way down to the Lakeland Sportsplex in the Village of Christopher Lake to play various games and activities that test your skill and accuracy. The “shoot” part of the event takes place on the main level of the building. Demonstrate your skill with a bow and arrow, hand gun, and rifle pellet guns. The participant’s results are tallied on sheets, and when a sheet is filled up with scores, the highest score on that individual sheet wins a turkey! That’s where the “turkey” part comes in. I’ve attended nearly every year for as long as I can remember, it could very well have been where I first shot a pellet gun. It’s a very satisfying feeling going home with a turkey that you WON!

Maybe archery and pellet guns just aren’t really your thing, make your way upstairs with your best poker face and join the table. Did you ever imagine you could win a frozen turkey by playing cards? You will also find the dart board upstairs, a few lucky tosses could very well win you supper for your family. There is something for everyone at the Lakeland Turkey Shoot. It is not uncommon to be greeted with the words “I won a turkey!” on this day, and you could very easily be the one saying it.

In the event that you are not fortunate enough to leave with a turkey, it is still unlikely you will leave with a feeling of disappointment. Fun and games merged with the wonderful people of our community makes for a good evening no matter what the personal outcome. This event is a wonderful way to meet some of the local faces who make a point to come out every year and show their support on this exciting evening out in the country, hope to see you there next year!

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