Keep an eye out for abundant wildlife

By Sernia Gesner

You wouldn’t expect that a person would have a story to tell after running the tedious errand of doing laundry. Doing laundry is not usually an enjoyable chore, especially if a person has to haul it all to a laundromat to get it done! Trust me, I’ve been there. I would haul my family’s laundry to the grungy city, and end up sitting in my car with nothing to look at but dirty sidewalks and concrete walls while I waited for my clothes to finish.

Fortunately this is no longer the case for me, as I’ve been doing my laundry at Sunset Bay’s public year round laundromat. Sunset Bay is on the eastern edge of Emma Lake, so even the scenic drive there is something to look forward to. In fact, less than a week ago I stopped to watch a little herd of seven young deer make their way across the road and though the parking lot past the laundromat and cabins. It was a lovely treat, something I’d never hope to see in a city. So here is your heads up to keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife!

The first few times I did my laundry there, I decided to go for a little walk while the machines were doing their thing. One day I took the short walk down to the lake, which at that time was of course ice. To my delight I discovered that there was a big patch of the ice that had been cleared off and made ready for the public to skate on, there was even a warm up shack out there!

So the next time I came to do laundry, I brought with me my skates. This is probably the first time I had ever felt this kind of anticipation for doing chores! It was slow going at first, it had been a while since I’d skated so honestly I was kind of glad I was out by myself. I am proud to announce, that I didn’t fall even once! Though there were definitely a few close calls, I know that each time I come to do my laundry I’ll become a little better at skating!

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