The Possum Van offered a comfortable mattress

By Dustin Davidson

It was late Friday night and I was driving my camper van through the back loops looking for a place to park. I drove past this glowing fire and I could see a guitar reflecting in its light! So I approached the camp and asked them if I could join them, they where very kind and friendly! I brought out my guitar and box drum and we had a jam session together. Half a dozen songs later, it was revealed to me that the North Saskatchewan River Band had being jamming out with me. It was cool to get to know them on a personal level, and just have fun playing music together. Thus was the start of my Northern Light Bluegrass Festival of 2015 experience.
The night was not over yet, The North Saskatchewan River Band had to play at 10:45 am on Saturday and they needed some rest, I thanked them for their campfire hospitality and ventured on to my next musical adventure. There I stand at my camper van which I call the Possum Van (tribute to the Red Green Show) and listen for any “music” in range. Sure enough, with my guitar in my hand I found the camp fire that the noise came from. I met some really cool people, in short there was an accordion, mandolin, banjo, drums, dobro, guitar, and a flute. We played music of many genres and had a very pleasant time. At last, rest was needed and the Possum Van offered a comfortable mattress!
As the rain drops awoke me, I knew that mud wasn’t to far behind. Did it ever rain! There were streams running down where streams never ran before, and it rained all day! Off and on, pouring or sprinkling, it was wet. I made my way to my favourite restaurant that has a booth at Ness Creek called Third&Main. As I was walking there I came across a campfire that was just barely going, so I stopped and made the fire big again! There was a pile of wood so I arranged it just so on the remaining coals and in five minutes I had made a warm and powerful fire! As other people started waking up they were attracted to the fire I made and came near it to warm up. There’s nothing like a warm fire on a drizzling morning. So after meeting new friends at this fire, and after I was warmed up I ventured to Third&Main and had a hot breakfast! As the sound men were getting their gear set up I was able to meet festival participants in the dry shelter were coffee was drank and food was ate. Everybody was quite friendly and very respectful as they prepared to absorb a day of bluegrass music in the rain.
All of a sudden I got a whiff of a freshly cooked pie and I followed my nose to the oven where my friend Nicky Woloshyn just pulled out half a dozen pies! She was working at the Pie Wagon, where they sold hot coffee as well! Turns out we both had similar interests and became good buds. Nicky addressed her Interest In journalism and I told her I’d put in a good word for her to my “boss” Terry Dow who manages the Waskisui Wilderness Region media! Then the music began. I have several pictures and videos of the festival please enjoy them.
As Sunday came around there was some wonderful gospel music played! I was very privileged to be a part of the Northern Lights Bluegrass Music festival of 2015! Even through the rainy weather, people still had a great time at the festival! From one partaker to another, I’m pulling for you and we’re all in this together!

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