There are so many cool possibilities on the West Side

WWR-Park Walk

The West is Best

There is just something about walking that is so powerful, and walking on the West Side was such an adventure! The Prince Albert National Park is mostly recognized for the Waskisui tourist attractions and little is “known” about the West side and what it has to offer. I had a phenomenal experience at this years Park Walk hosted by Maria Paul from Park Valley! Every year she puts together an afternoon of spending time in the park walking down beautiful trails and bonding with wild life, followed by a campfire with music and skits! There are so many cool possibilities on the West Side, for instance horse back riding, mountain biking, and potentially cross country skiing will be the new main attractions as work begins on developing new trails based off of Valley View! David Walker the project manager of the West Side eagerly shared the news of the up-coming developments and how he hopes more people will come out experience park in a whole new way. There is a vision to expand and just connect with nature in a complete new way.
As I was throwing logs into the fire pit, preparing to cook sausage, people where very nice and friendly and together we had pleasant conversations! There were lots of little ones running around and playing and when it came time for the skit, they were all given plants and animals to represent during the nature skit entertaining all the adults. Darrel Anmundson and Kids played some music along side the campfire. As the sun began to fall behind the tree line, partakers had slowly made there way back to their homes, recollecting on all the good times they had and looking ahead to next years annual Park Walk! Come on out to the West Side and put a little adventure in your life, I’m pulling for yah and we’re all in this together.

Dustin Davidson

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