There was no way snow lovers were going to miss the Rally!

This winter has been completely erratic, with temperatures fluctuating from day to day with no comprehensible pattern. One day it’s like spring with the plus temperatures taking its toll on the little snow we do have, and the next day you couldn’t very well get out to your vehicle without want for gloves and a toque in a flurry of snowflakes!

Despite the unpredictable winter we have dealt with so far, there was no way that the snow lovers were going to miss the Snowmobile Rally at Aandie’s Tavern! It took place on Saturday February 20th, registration began at 10am, the last sled going out by noon. While people registered, free hot drinks were available, and the $20 entry fee even included a wonderful supper to be had that evening!

The temperatures decided cooperate with us on the 20th, allowing the participants to have a terrific day of riding out on some of Saskatchewan’s beautiful northern trails. The last sled was set to be back by 4:30, with super starting at 5pm. Perogies, Sausages, Cabbage Rolls were made for the group, a well-earned meal for sure! Noreen’s cooking is always amazing, a huge bonus for an already amazing day.

To top off this exciting time, there was even live music when the band “Hedged” from Saskatoon took to the stage. The evening was filled with prizes, a silent action, a raffle, 50/50 draw, and good times had for all! You definitely didn’t have to win a prize to feel like a winner on this day, and the best news; the Lakeland emergency responders didn’t have a single snowmobile related call that weekend! So thank you all for making the Snowmobile Rally the pleasurable and safe event that it was. See you next year!

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