Truly a voyage for the senses

The Ness Creek site is home to a great number of events and happenings. The most popular and well known of these is the annual Ness Creek Music festival, occurring each year on the third weekend of July. This festival has so much to offer, there is something for everyone, even if you didn’t know it was for you until you got there. This site is not exclusive to just this one wonderful festival, there are many other events throughout the year. Chances are there is something you will like going on, it’s also a great excuse to come back and visit the beautiful, joyous site again and again.

One of the brightest facets of the gem that is the Ness Creek Society is their devotion to the wellbeing of nature. Take a walk up to the “The Village” for Ecological and Social Justice during the festival and you will find numerous resources to educate yourself on your surrounding environment and more. Come here to connect with like minded people and organizations that can give you an opportunity to act on these ambitions. Permaculture and natural living are huge themes here, and for good reason.

One of the most brilliant examples of this affinity to nature is the Forest Garden. Forest gardening is an entirely organic method of food production that mimics a natural ecosystem and the relationships found in it. Ness Creek has produced a manifestation of these ideals on site for everyone to see and learn from, this being its 5th full growing season. You are given the opportunity to do more than just see, participate in the Forest Garden Tours to hear details about the design and of their application of permaculture techniques so you can apply them at home. You can also take it one step farther and get a piece of the spoils if you come back at harvest time for the Forest Garden Fall Feast, there are a limited number of spots available for this tantalizing opportunity.

The Fall Feast is the result of the gracious efforts made by some wonderful members of the Ness crew, with the help and support of a few great local businesses. It truly was a voyage for the senses. The delectable courses began in the garden, then proceeded to the main stage, which housed the main course. The stage was alive with the ring of happy togetherness and friendship, all topped off with the exquisite selection of wine and beer, it was a perfectly joyful occasion to behold. The beautiful hostess introduced the courses to us with genuine familiarity, as she had obtained a great many of the ingredients with her own hands.

One of the extra treats of the feast was hearing about and even recognizing the places the various ingredients had come from, some of you may also remember the geese that were present at this years music festival. The foraged ingredients often originated from the very site of the festival that we all love so much. One of particular note is the Birch syrup, which was also entirely produced by our hostess, who went out in the middle of winter to tap ten birch trees on site to retrieve the precious sap. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

All of these delightful experiences and sensual adventures are compounded by a distinct feeling of love and community here. That is the true heart of Ness, and why it holds a special place in the heart of everyone who has felt it.

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