Walk away with a special memory that will last a lifetime!!!!!

Elysium Music And Art Festival – Waskwanderer

This was my first chance at being the new “Waskwanderer” for the WWR. Myself and Gouws, the social media expert headed into Big River to attend the “Elysium Music and Arts Festival.” This was Gouws first trip into the Ness Creek site and I knew he would love every minute of the magic you experience when you go to Ness. No matter what event your attending, as they host many throughout the year, you walk away with a special memory that lasts a lifetime.

Upon arrival at the Ness Creek site you are welcomed by a big open camp ground which can host thousands of people! Driving down the grid road a little ways more, you come to another field, the main field where the main stage is and most of the workshops are held. Workshops may include activities from dance lessons, to sharing circles, to activities with your children. A place that serves great food and cool clothing and places to get your face painted and more! The highlight of the Elysium 2016 event was being able to see Father Funk. A well-known DJ from the UK who came all the way to Saskatchewan and was a big hit at the Elysium event. Father Funk had everyone excited and waiting to hear what he had mixed together. It was an amazing time being able to witness his sounds and feel the energy he gave to everyone and vice versa. The music played at Elysium was very energetic. From electric dance music, to slower funky tunes, to showing new styles and beats mixed by local DJ’s. A great event to attend if you’re in the mood for some great camping and a music festival! I will definitely see you there next year! Great way to start off the summer – outdoors and experiencing the wonders of Ness.

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