Weather Information

With our northerly latitude, the summer days seem to go on forever. We have almost 17 hours of daylight at the summer solstice, and we log an impressive number of sunshine hours each year. We use metric, so temperatures are in degrees Celsius, snowfall recorded in centimetres and rainfall in millimetres. The record high was set in June, 1982 at 38.8C, while the record snowfall was set in 1953 when 29cm fell in one day.


(October – December)

Autumn provides the most striking scenery of the seasons with leaves deepening to warm colours of red, orange and yellow and carpeting the ground. Average temperatures are: 3.4C in October, -7.6C in November and -16.2C in December. The rains give way to the first snowfalls with an average of 16-20cm of snow falling in November and December. The holiday season sparkles in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region.


(January – March)

With the blanket of bright snow, frozen lakes and crisp clean air, winter is an exhilarating time. Though the days are shorter, we still average about 5 hours of bright sun daily. Average temperatures are: -19.1C in January, -14.6C in February and -7.5C in March. The average monthly snowfalls range from 13 to 19cm. These chill temperatures set the perfect conditions for our many outdoor winter activities.


(April – June)

When the days lengthen and the ice melts in this season of beginnings, you can’t help but have spring in your step. (No pun intended.) Average rainfall differs greatly with 17mm in April, 44mm in May and 74mm in June. Average temperatures are: 3.1C in April, 10.5C in May and 15.2C in June. Average highs are 9.5C in April, 17.7C in May and 21.8C in June. Life is blooming during these warm, sunny spring days.


(July – September)

With an average of 252 total hours of bright sunshine a month, we get more than our share of vitamin D. With only a handful of days where the humidex is above 30 the heat can be very pleasant. Averages are 17.5C in July, 16.3C in August and 10.2C in September. Average highs are around 23C in July and August and 16C in September, with a record high of 37.8C. Watch the UV index and practice good sun safety.