Big river Electric Sky Music Festival

Big River – Electric Sky Festival

Over the August long weekend instead of hitting the beach or heading camping, Waskwanderers tried something very new and exciting! We headed out to the Big River, Ness Creek Music festival site for possibly the most unique festival they host there, Electric Sky.

Electric Sky was founded last year and is an electronic arts and music festival. It features a main stage called the Aurora Stage that showcases touring DJs from across western Canada and then there is the Beat Den stage tucked away in the woods that is basically the coolest EDM club you could imagine.

Just before pulling into the Ness Creek music festival site, we saw a bear crossing the road. This was a great reminder to us that we were truly out in the wilderness. All weekend we made sure to stay very bear aware and respect the wildlife that we were sharing a space with.

We arrived and checked in with Mandy who was super helpful and showed up to our adorable cabin in sleepy hollow. The Ness site has grown so much over the years and now has flush toilets and cute cabins. Ours even featured two sets of bunk beds and came with bedding and candles. It was a great setup that made us feel like a couple of kids at sleep away camp.  

We decide to grab some food before checking out the stages so we headed to the trusty Third and Main in the ‘downtown’ of the festival site. They never disappoint. Once we had full bellies we headed off to soak in the sounds. The main stage pounded out non-stop infectious beats that you couldn’t help but bob along to. The acts also were very high energy, something I hadn’t seen from a DJ act before. The artists were dancing and jumping along while mixing their tracks.

We left the mainstage and went to explore the Beat Den when we were stopped and asked for ‘a moustache of your time?’ by fellow festival goer. We stopped and he drew cute moustaches on our fingers in marker that we could hold up to our faces. It was cute and made for a good conversation starter the rest of the weekend, asking other festival goers if they had gotten a moustache yet. I’m sure by the end of the weekend everyone there had a little moustache ‘tattoo’.

The Beat Den stage did not disappoint. Complete with lasers, haze, a bubble machine, light up boxes to dance on and a glowing panda, the Beat Den felt like a club was tucked into the middle of the forest. We spent most of our night at the Beat Den stage and it just kept getting cooler as it got darker and the light shows got more intense!

Overall we had a super fun weekend of dancing to beats that pumped out into the wee hours of the morning. To get a little taste of just what it looked like, check out our video on the facebook page.

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