Golfing at Elk Ridge Resort

At the start of July, Waskwanderers headed out to Elk Ridge Resort for a fun-filled day of golfing. We arrived at the course with one set of old and trusty golf clubs, four golf balls, and a hopeful outlook that two non-golfers might discover a hidden talent for golfing. When Waskwanderers got to the pro-shop, the employees there were incredibly helpful and friendly. They took one look at our set of clubs and kindly offered to supply rental clubs that might make the game a little more approachable for us. The resort set us up with a golf cart of our own and gave us a few more golf balls just in case we lost our 4 on the 9-hole journey of which we were about to embark.

            We began our game on the Birch course, which is an incredibly scenic 9-hole golf course, with championship level greens and plenty of elevation changes, ponds, and sand traps for us to inevitably get stuck in. The first hole on the Birch course is a par 5. Waskwanderers spent roughly 45 minutes playing this hole, and quickly realized that golfing is not for the weak of heart or mind. There is an old saying that states, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again in the same way expecting different results; turns out, it is actually the definition of your Waskwanderers trying to golf. A par 5 hole at the start of the course soon turned into multiple missed attempts to tee off, looking for lost golf balls that constantly flew into the woods, and researching the best strategies for getting a ball out of a sand trap– and this was only the first 15 minutes. Soon enough though, we started to get the hang of things. By the fifth hole we were only hitting 6 or 7 over par and beginning to plan our ascension to the PGA Tour. By the time the ninth hole came around, roughly 3.5 hours later, Waskwanderers had gained a true appreciation (and a little bit of empathy) for those who actually do this for fun.


            All jokes aside, it is safe to say that golf may not be our forte, but we sincerely enjoyed our time at Elk Ridge Resort. The golf course was incredibly beautiful, and we were even visited by a family of deer on our way to the second hole.

The Birch course is nestled right into the heart of the boreal forest and completely engulfed in the natural beauty of Saskatchewan’s unforgettable north. The staff at the resort are knowledgeable and friendly, and the overall experience you’ll have at Elk Ridge Resort is unparalleled.

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