Top 3 Reasons to visit North Saskatchewan River

The North Saskatchewan is a beautiful river winding which is located northeast from Edmonton. It is located 1,800 meters above sea level and flows across Alberta and Saskatchewan to Lake Winnipeg. On this Thanksgiving, it is recommended to visit North Saskatchewan because this area is known for its glacial beginnings, wildlife, tributary valleys, rapids and rich history with mountain explorers.

Moreover, this place is quite famous for kayaking, jet-skiing, jet boating, fishing, gold panning, and Edmontonians and surrounding communities gets drinking water from here. Undoubtedly, it’s the best place for tourists to visit on this Thanksgiving eve with family. There are some reasons which make North Saskatchewan unforgettable:-

1. River Valley Picnic

Sometimes on a sunny day, the only thing you require is a family picnic; there are many lovely points in northern Saskatchewan that will provide you the best outdoor picnic experience. Where you can spend a leisurely time with your family, have a sunbath, and enjoy yourself.

2. Fishing

Fishing is considered one of the most liked annual activities in big river as lots of people love fishing along the riverbank in Edmonton! It is said to entertain more than 100 families by catching fishes with their kids.

3. Riverfest

Edmonton is home to an annual summer celebration of the river? Every year there is a river festival organized by the River Valley Alliance and it is a celebration for the people in North Saskatchewan River and River Valley Park System to make their holidays more memorable and full of entertainment. Every year this event takes place in August, and it proves to be the most special occasion to attend with family because hundreds of tourists join this river festival to enjoy to its fullest.

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