Top 5 places to visit in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one purest province ever and the most peaceful destiny for your holidays because of its satisfying views its called the province on 100,000 lakes. Generally, Saskatchewan is located in pareri zone of Canada if we talk about the specialties so its the sunniest province of Canada, on the other hand, the biggest international exporter of potassium and uranium.

Which are top 5 places to visit in Saskatchewan?

1. Casino Regina
2. Lake Athabasca
3. RCMP Heritage Center
4. Prince Albert National Park
5. Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Now we are going to introduce you to the top 5 places you need to visit in Saskatchewan.

Casino Regina


Casino Regina is the most attractive place in Saskatchewan, which is situated in the union state of Regina city, the place presents itself as the biggest medium of gaming, entertainment, and leisure. It provides social gatherings and proves it self choice the best point of entertainment.

Lake Athabasca

It is situated in the middle of Saskatchewan and its the 18th largest lake in the world and the 4th largest lake in Canada. The specialty of lake Athabasca is, here you are accessible to see 23 kinds of fishes species all at once. Its a big point of tourism for tourists all over the world.

RCMP heritage center

RCMP Heritage Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan
RCMP Heritage Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan

Its a museum that is situated at the doorstep of the RCMP region Regina, which includes many historical artifacts. Visitors from different regions enjoy and appreciate this historical place, exhibition, and events.

Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert national park is located in central Saskatchewan with an entrance of 25 miles and it covers an area of up to 1496 square kilometers. Waskesiu Lake is the main attraction of this park. Prince Albert national park is open year-round and there are so many activities, which you can enjoy on your visit like camping, hiking, riding, fishing etc.

Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Its the national historic site of Canada which is situated in Saskatoon and it was generally established as a forest with more than 143 million trees. So if you are a greenery lover so you must visit it.

Here, are the specialties of Saskatchewan, which will surely prove it a good choice for you.

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